Wednesday, October 10, 2012

just an update, this is jonah. my giant boy weighing 18 pounds at 3 months.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i ran out of time in april to write an april blog, so here's a catch-up :) 

new bathroom remodel! we've needed to re-tile the shower since we bought the house three years ago and used our tax refund to do it finally.  we also painted and bought new curtains and towels.  we hope to add a pedestal sink next year.

 i love how new and fresh it is!

we've been getting baby brother's room together and washing his little clothes and blankets.  audrey's been trying on his clothes and playing with his toys, to you know, make sure they work and everything.


audrey's second birthday was on easter so we had an easter/birthday party.  lots of fun and homemade lemon cupcakes! 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


curtains for audrey. 

i had found this pin on pinterest and thought it was such a simple but cute idea for curtains in a little girl's room.  i recently bought audrey a yellow comforter from target.  not big on disney princesses and other themed rooms, i thought yellow would be a good replacement for the green accents i've been moving into the nursery.  a few botanical flower and butterfly prints and wall mounted bookshelves will follow someday, in the future.

maybe my mom or my sister can shed some light on where this shelf came from.  i can remember it since forever.

this buffet used to sit in my inlaw's dining room, then michael's dorm room, then our closet in our first apartment, then our guestroom and now audrey's room.  it needs some love don't you think?  i'm thinking a few coats of white paint and replacing the knobs with an anthropologie cutie.  that foxy lamp is moving to the nursery. 

meanwhile, in babyland... this is the nursery so far.  yes xenia, we decided to keep the bed for now and shoved it to the side.  :)  the colors will be aqua, orange and green but for now it's just a mess.  the old green curtains from audrey's room are on the dresser and everything is quite empty.  it's a work in progress but at least there is progress!

baby boy jammies.  my heart is exploding!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

this morning

audrey's favorite thing to do first thing in the morning is to eat her cereal in front of the space heater.  every morning.  i remember doing the same thing as a kid.  our rented ranch house was at the bottom of a valley and didn't receive a lot of sunlight in the mornings.  sometimes we would dress for school in front of our heater.  my mom still owns that same heater and it sits in her living room.  i sat in front of it one morning when i visited last june.  of course living in southern california with a high of 83 degrees today, a space heater isn't really needed.  i turn it on the lowest heat and take my time busying myself in the kitchen as i make my toast and listening to the familiar hum.  like mother like daughter i suppose :)

cereal is funny business.  

i bought this coffee cup planter at ross the other day (love ROSS and HOME GOODS!) and it gave me an ache in my heart for my sister.  it's just the sort of thing i'd see sitting in her apartment.  if you're reading this valerie... it's too heavy to ship so i'm keeping it! hee hee! check your local ross!

 apparently ross had a monopoly of coffee cup planters, and now so do i.

here are my puffy pregnant feet and a hint of baby boy tummy.  i'm currently in an argument with myself about the nursery.  rational wife jenny agrees with rational husband michael that we should wait to tackle converting the guestroom into a nursery until a few months after baby boy is born.  he'll be sleeping in the bassinet in our room for awhile and out of town family members will need a place to stay after he comes.  BUT hormonal pregnant nesting jenny wants to rip every last piece of furniture out of that room and fill it with woodland stuffed animals, baby quilts, adorable printed curtains, accents of aqua and orange and let the out of town family members sleep on the air mattress in the the living room.  with a tasteful and private folding room divider of course.

 speaking of nurseries, here are my new nasturtium, hollyhock, foxglove and wildflower mix babies.  i just dumped the seeds in the pots in mass and figure i'll thin them out later.  grow babies, grow!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012


19 weeks 5 days, but i'm going to refer this as my 20 week picture.  friday is the big gender reveal!

hollyhock seedlings coming in slowly.  hurry up!

 the lupine seedlings are looking bushy.

pansies, alyssums & nasturtiums.

 what i found after i asked her to get her shoes because we were going to the grocery store. look at her little toes.  she's going to raid my closet when she's in high school, i know it! 
my morning sunny spot.