Tuesday, November 27, 2007

thanksgiving is over, but still giving thanks...

so, as you may or may not know, michael and i are pregnant. :) yep! surprise! i'm almost five and a half weeks along now. if you check out michael's blog he has a picture of what the baby would look right about now. (such tiny little fingers!)
i don't feel pregnant yet, except that i'm always so hungry and tired. we feel very blessed though and very giddy!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

optimistic for rain...

so far, i would say i have learned what to expect as far as riverside's seasons, and it is quite depressing. it is unusual to get below 50 degrees, even in the wintertime, and the sun shines basically all year. but come on... it's mid-november and it is about 87 degrees outside.

i don't think this will ever be a normal thing for me. right now in oregon, it is 52 degrees (32 by nightfall) with a chance of rain. they just got over a storm that knocked out power to half the state. you sometimes don't see the sunshine at all for at least five months. and in 1996 it flooded so much that my brother and sister and i took our cat in a dingy boat and sailed around in our front yard.

if any of you know me, you know that i love the rain. i love the way it smells, the way it sounds and the way it feels. i love having the need for an umbrella or a scarf. i'll open the windows sometimes so i can feel the dampness when i'm inside. and after a good rainy night, it is so clear the next day and the sunshine seems so much brighter. it's cleansing, both physically and spiritually.

so i guess i'll have to be patient and remain optimistic. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

my favorite color IS green, actually.

michael works about a mile from our apartment, so last week he bought a new bike to commute with instead of driving. i don't know why we didn't think of him commuting by bike before, (it's such a pointless waste of gas to drive unless it's raining) since he works so close and really enjoys riding bikes anyway. so, it's healhier, more fun and helps the environment.

growing up in oregon, i really didn't think much of helping the environment. when you're surrounded by green trees and rivers, gobal warming isn't that obvious. but now i see the amount of deforestation and pollution that i somehow missed before. since living in southern california, i realize how much we depend on cars. californians love their cars. and we have a thick brown layer of smog to prove it!

i was watching the Today Show this morning and they did a segment about the pacific garbage patch. basically it's a floating garbage dump the size of texas, mostly made up of plastics, sitting in the middle of the pacific ocean. practically every piece of plastic thrown in the rivers and waterways in the pacific rim makes it's way to the pacific garbage patch by ocean currents. people, with the intention of making life easier and more productive, have reduced the world's ability to repair itself. plastic was made to last forever, and unfortunately, that's proving all to true.