Monday, July 28, 2008

mmmmmm sodium...

so this evening as i was sitting on the couch with my pillow and my dog, struggling with morning sickness, michael and i were discussing what to eat for dinner. lately i've been craving a lot of fruit, (smoothies usually sound pretty good) and although i was hungry, nothing sounded good tonight. pasta? (ugh.) pizza? (double ugh.) cheeseburgers? (ugh... don't even mention them!) michael jokingly suggested panda express but i instantly agreed! yes! panda express! the thought of panda express suddenly killed the morning sickness and i realized how starved i was. the sudden craving took both michael and i by surprise but the orange chicken, chow mein and beef & broccoi were SOOOOOOOO good! i love panda food.

i can't really complain too much, my morning sickness hasn't been so bad. i usually get nauseous in the afternoons but it doesn't last very long and i haven't thrown up yet. that could always change within a few days though. also, i feel lightheaded when i move too suddenly and i get annoying headaches. i believe it's all worth it though. :)

the best part is how supportive michael has been to me. he brought me flowers this morning "just because" and "he wanted to make me happy." it's hard NOT to be happy when i'm married to such a great guy.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

whoa, baby!

we found out that we're pregnant again, SURPRISE! it was quite a surprise actually, considering we were doing everything we could not to get pregnant (the whole doctor's orders thing, remember?) but it's all goooooood. :) i'm only five weeks along but we decided to keep the news to ourselves this time until i had my appointment with my doctor to confirm. (instead of blabbing it to everyone we knew the day we found out. like last time. and the time before that.) so far the doctor says everthing is normal and i go back for another ultrasound in two weeks to see the heartbeat. i hope and pray that everything goes well with this pregancy, so far this is the only one that we've been able to have a chance to be truely be optimistic about.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

hello mr. mantis

i found this little guy hanging out on my hydrangea this morning as i was looking for new buds. hopefully he catches and devours the little tramps that keep eating my leaves. praying mantises are a good organic alternative to pesticides, they should've called them PREYING mantises. HA!

i promise i won't keep taking pictures of every bug or caterpillar i find on my plants and blog about them. this is (probably?) the last time. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

summer camp.

it's summertime, did you know? last week my inlaws took advantage of the hot summer days with a camping trip to big bear and had a great time. my friend lacey and her husband also went camping last weekend in oregon and had an amazing time hiking and swimming. hmm, i'm starting to see a pattern here... the last time we went camping was last year in yellowstone national park, our trip was amazing, 3,000+ miles and eight states in three weeks! i believe it's time again for michael and i to relax, cook hotdogs, get a fresh coat of dust on our hiking shoes and pull out the sleeping bags. time to go for a swim in the lake, star gaze late at night and read short stories to each other by campfire.

what are everyone's plans for the summer?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

friends & fireworks.

today our friends paul, jen and their adorable daughter franny are driving back home to arizona. they and chris stayed with us on thursday night and i was surprised how easy it was to sleep that many people in our little apartment. in the morning the boys went for a bike ride and the girls had breakfast and took joey to the dog park.

after they left to visit with paul's brother for the fourth of july, mike chris and i drove up to big bear to see the fireworks at the lake. it was amazing. i love big bear, but especially on independence day. last year we stuck around riverside and it was just not fun. we drove up to a park on the top of a hill but there weren't any good fireworks worth seeing. while we were sitting on the grass and just starting to think of leaving, the sprinklers suddenly turned on and we had to make a mad dash to the cars.

we were able to spend last night with paul and jen again before they left and i was glad we did. we had a great time. hopefully we can return the favor and go visit them in arizona real soon. too bad it's about 114 degrees there!

although he doesn't show it here, joey was extremely happy to be at the park. really.

this is a friendly pug that we quickly made friends with. he was very chubby and couldn't breathe very well without snorting.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

chikkens and rice?

i've put joey on a boiled chicken and rice diet after having a discussion with my friend teri, who is a veterinarian. joey has been throwing up a few times a week in the mornings, usually when he has an empty stomach. it maybe started about a year ago, but has slowly become more frequent. he seems his typical spunky self and hasn't shown any signs of distress so teri guessed it might be acid reflux or some other stomach ailment caused by too much fat in his dog food. taking her suggestion, i've decided to feed joey only boiled chicken (to cook out all the fat) and white rice for a week to settle his stomach. (it's sort of a dog version of 'tea and toast.') i feed joey an all natural holistic dog food, but i would consider changing his diet to something low-fat if it comes back again. it's going to be hard to get him to eat when i take him off the chicken and rice diet and back to dry food, he really loves his chicken and rice!

"jenny! i is sad... i needs more chikkens and rice, yes?"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i am an idiot.

i went to target today with a view to find a gift for a friend. not finding anything i liked, i decided to walk over to the garden center to see if there were any nice flowers instead. you know, just to loooook. i ended up leaving with the largest hydrangea bush i could carry and no gift. i am an idiot, it didn't occur to me where i was actually going to put it! (oooh lacey, your "gardener's anonymous" blog had no affect on me...) in my defense, i didn't realize how big the hydrangea was until i set it in the back of my car and by then it was too late to change my mind. :) seriously, i think once i took it out from between it's brethren, it claimed it's new freedom by stretching out it's branches. it looked a lot smaller in the nursery.

surprisingly, it fits outside a lot better than i thought it would. i've already set one of the blooms in a vase for the coffee table and michael said it was smaller than he had pictured it, so i guess that means it gets to stay. i'm still an idiot though.

this picture does not do justice for it's size, i'm pretty sure most of the blooms are as big as my head. notice joey's disapproving look in the background.