Thursday, May 28, 2009

teri's baby shower!

maria & lauren, having the time of their lives! (note: big smiles & hand on blushing cheek. also? sleeping baby phillip!)

by far the best baby shower game ever - the onesie design contest! (we lost, but here is our beautiful entry anyway. the apple took me forever to sew on!)

maria's handmade quilt was a big hit.

my target bought receiving blankets? not so much. :)

hannah waits patiently for dessert. i felt bad for eating such pretty tarts. :D

Friday, May 22, 2009

summer treat

green tea mochis, so perfect on a hot day!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

the vegetable of my labor!

i wanted to show you all my first harvested zucchini before i chopped it up for my salad. :) i now truly appreciate how nature works and constantly surprises. all i did was plant something, give it water and it grew and gave me a wonderful (and crunchable!) vegetable! seriously, how amazing is that?!? last saturday i attended a composting seminar (with maria and dionne, holla!) put on by our local water district and was amazed how efficient nature is at recycling itself. did you know that the inside of a compost heap can get as hot as 140 degrees? all by itself! amazing! i can't wait to garden completely organic and have my own compost bin. i dream of stuff like this now, weird.

here's a zucchini flower at full bloom.

hmm, i think i'm going to try to plan my garden a little better next season. i'm having a bit of a spacing issue here.

grapefruits, ripening in the sunshine. :)

i wanted to show everyone that i'm very talentless in begonias. wow, can you even tell that it's a begoina? if you're wondering what i'm talking about, its that sorry looking one on the right. hmm, my ivy's looking a little bleachy too.

oh and sorry about the low-grade cell phone photos. :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

craigslist ad to cockroach...

you: asleep in my medicine cabinet.

me: tired and preparing for bed.

you: surprised and annoyed, escaped behind the sink.

me: surprised and annoyed (& totally grossed out!) called for reinforcements from the den.

you: probably forgot all about our encounter.

me: wants revenge.

you: will think you totally made bank with a sweet smelling "roach-haus"

me: is going after your family next.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

just between you and me, and everyone else...

i'm a private person. i guess that's why lately i've only been posting pictures of my garden rather than sharing my feelings and/or fears. it's easier just to write post after post about the same harmless things. with that said, let's dive in shall we?

mother's day is this weekend and lately it's been hard not to think about my future as a mother. is there a future for me? have i really been diagnosed or am i going to get another brutal surprise? i feel so dishonest sometimes when people ask when we plan on getting pregnant again. (plan? i had a plan.) on the outside i shrug it off, pretend that everything is fine and hand out smiles like candy, (but really on the inside i'm a melting puddle of insecurity and doubt.)

i'm hoping this is where the optimism comes in... i know it's around here somewhere. :)

Friday, May 1, 2009


i thought i'd post some updates on the veggie patch since i haven't posted any pictures since i planted them a month ago. :)

here's the zucchinis. unfortunately i don't have a before picture but they've really been growing like crazy. i might have to try and- whoa, wait a second... what's that...?

(cue extreme close up) a zucchini! already?! mmmm, i can almost smell that zucchini bread baking...

i've given the tomatoes their trellises and the cherries have already started a few vines.  nothing to eat yet though.  :(

our peaches are fuzzy and numerous.  i'm going to need a lot of recipes by july, any ideas???