Monday, January 28, 2008

sabet 1990-2008

last week i got news that my childhood cat died. sabet was 18 years old and lived quite a life. we brought her to oregon when we moved from california in 1991 and until a few years ago spent a lot of her time outside killing rats and gophers for us. over the years she got more tired and ill-tempered, but never could say no to a scratch under the chin.

~your leaps were powerful, your claws sharp and your vengence swift~

more bike pictures!

here are some new pictures of my updated bike. michael bought a new seat and handle grips and i think they just look so great with the bike.

wouldn't you want to take it for a ride?

Monday, January 14, 2008

redondo, hermosa and fairmount!

on saturday michael and i went to visit my brother in redondo beach. he recently moved down from oregon and he's friggin' lucky because he lives about one house away from the redondo beach promenade.

it was a gorgeous day and so we decided to ride our bikes down to hermosa beach for lunch. we ate at this great pizzeria on the pier and did some people watching. after lunch, we rode back and took a walk down the beach to watch the surfers getting pummeled by waves. great times!

also, yesterday michael and i met up with some friends after church and rode over to fairmount park by mount rubidoux. there is a somewhat beautiful man-made lake in the middle of the park and hundreds of ducks. (a few large geese too!) it was fantastic, except very windy. i miss my laurelhurst park in portland very much, but fairmount park is a nice substitute.

so including friday, that is three different bike rides in three consecutive days! i'm on a roll... a healthy, enjoyable roll.

(here i am, braving the off-shore winds!)

Friday, January 11, 2008

surprised, by breakfast.

today is the eleventh of january, i have exactly eleven days until my birthday, (i will be twenty-four for those of you keeping count.) i love that my birthday is in january because it's much easier to have a fresh start to the new year when i'm literally getting older, (and may i risk saying "wiser" as well?)

last night michael started classes again to finish his masters degree. he has an online class and on thursdays will have another class until 7pm so it's not a bad schedule at all, but i'm still going to miss him on those thursday nights. :( i'm very spoiled in the fact that i'm so used to having dinner with him every night. at least he's still home in time to watch reruns of 'the office'.

also yesterday, i had a great bike ride with my good friend maria. we went to lunch and rode to this cute little house that i want to rent. it's a 3 bed/2 bath with two beautiful orange trees and a fenced yard for joey. michael and i had found it on one of our bike rides last week. the only problem is that we can't move until our lease is up in May and i'm sure that house will rent out before that. too bad though, it has a cute little area in the front for a flower bed.

oh! the best thing happened today! i was running late for work and didn't have any time for breakfast. when i arrived at work today, there was an enormous pink box of doughnuts in the office. everything looked sooooo good. i limited myself to only one doughnut though. it had lemon filing.

Monday, January 7, 2008

new favorite show?

american gladiators! so far totally entertaining and absolutely corny, but that's just staying true to the original. (this is titan. he has monster legs.)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

why my husband is the most amazing man in the world

while i will admit that the title to this post is somewhat biased, i still believe it's true. michael bought me a bike yesterday for an early birthday present. a fabulous bike. it's a '60's green peugeot mixte. so far, we've been on two great bike rides together and he's been working hard cleaning it up for me.

in addition to my husband's wonderful taste in vintage bikes, he has also been such a great support for me during the past few weeks. i only hope i have helped him half as much as he has helped me. it's such a blessing to share my life with my best friend.

i realized that haven't put up any pictures of myself, so here is a picture of me modeling my new bike.