Thursday, May 19, 2011

changes pending

i am rethinking my blog and where i want to take it.  when i was pregnant i told myself i would never just only talk about my baby and motherhood.  being audrey's mom is an enjoyable part of my life but so is being michael's wife, so is being a crocheter of baby blankets, a lover of sushi, an admirer of super cute shoes and other such silliness.  i'm still jenny with jenny's likes and dislikes.  as audrey begins to detach her identity from mine and find her own individuality, so again must i.  hopefully my blog will show that.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

in the garden, lately

i never thought of corn plants as beautiful before, but they are quite striking.

my helper :)

cuss boom bang!  that used to be a zucchini flower!
i hate YOU....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


these little strawberries are a sign of delicious things to come. these are my first successes after ages of battling ants and pill bugs for the right to consume freely. i planted some strawberries two seasons ago, (ants!) and this year i planted them in a pot and set it on a plant stand only to seemingly serve the pill bugs. i got a little tip online however about slicing grapefruit and setting them a few inches from the plant to appease the bugs and divert their attention.

good news, i have a grapefruit tree! woot woot!

surprise! turns out audrey's favorite berries are blackberries, so we decided to plant a bush in the backyard. now i get to fight the songbirds!