Tuesday, January 26, 2010


baby benjamin at one month old :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

for me

from anthropologie :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


i have about 95 more days until i'm due to deliver. i don't know what it is, (the sunny pleasant weather, thoughts of soon starting another vegetable garden or lazy mornings spent reading on the porch?) but i've been craving a mojito for the past week. michael says we can stop by the yardhouse on the way home from the hospital and he'll buy me a crisp mojito. i love that man!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


as i was driving to work today, i was listening to the diane rehm show on npr. her guest was elizabeth gilbert, author of 'eat, pray, love', and they were discussing independence and divorce.

why is it when most modern women think of independence, their next thought is divorce? do most women really feel held back by their husbands/families? can they really not see their own individuality within a partnership?

i ask to merely understand. i'm incredibly blessed to be married to a man that has always supported my interests and loves the person i am. since we've been married, i've grown more as a person than i ever did when i was single. his encouragement inspires me to accept each situation as another chance to learn something. unfortunately, this isn't always the case in all marriages. sadly, there are some circumstances that call for divorce and the breaking of a family.

however, as far as the shallow discussion on the diane rehm show this morning, i've never thought of marriage as 'an end to my individuality' or having a family as a 'hindrance to my creativity' or any sort of crap or excuses women can think of these days. honestly! this 'me' generation we live in has people blind to the fact that a search for independence outside of marriage often includes hurting people close to us and an unhealthy amount self-centered thoughts. men are often the center of mid-life crisis jokes, but i'm starting believe that it's indeed a problem for both sexes. how wonderful that our society allows the separation for such people without judgement, (even though it's literally a breaking of a lifelong legally recognized contract between two people, but whatever.) personally that doesn't sound like freedom to me, it just sounds selfish.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

couldn't help it....

i was on etsy.com this morning, and couldn't help but share these. baby girls are fun!

baby booties!
baby loafters! gush!
baby hats!

i think little audrey's going to love accessories just like her mom. :) i've already gotten some cute clothes from the grandmas but haven't really gushed over anything girly until now. i must have a thing for crochet.... kinda makes me want to go out and buy some yarn and make a cute baby blanket myself.