Wednesday, February 25, 2009

around the house.

this is michael's new love; his new phillips stereo. he ordered this bookcase from target because we didn't have anything long enough for the stereo to rest on. he did his research and found the perfect bookcase that was tall enough to file his records in, wide enough for the stereo and the right stain to match our other wood furniture. i admit, i sometimes tease him for always taking a long time to decide things, but at least he's not an emotional buyer like me!

yesterday as i was reading on the front porch, i was surprised to find these cute blossom buds popping out all over my peach tree. the tree has been dormant looking since november and i didn't expect any blossoms until april. after talking with my grandma van corbach, who confirmed that they were peach blossoms, i googled them and found out we have a red baron peach tree which blooms early in warm climates. the picture doesn't do them a lot of justice, but they're a dark pink (almost red) color that contrasts beautifully against the greyish bark of the tree. i can't wait until july when the peaches are ready to pick!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

san francisco!

michael took me to san francisco for valentine's day, he's pretty wonderful. it was cold and rainy and exactly how i had hoped. we hit up the city lights bookstore ( where michael bought a copy of 'san francisco noir' and a little something for sherry, and spent a few hours in SFMOMA looking at the exhibits. (you can check out the pictures from that on michael's blog.)

we had dinner at johnny foley's pub, which was loud and very americanized, but was wonderful anyway. (they had great curry fries!) michael saw the actual johnny foley walk by with a glass of guinness. we know this because there's a giant painted portrait of him in the entry holding a glass of guinness. hmmm... U2's bono also had a giant portrait in the pub as well. i tried to get a picture of him, but there was a nice family enjoying their conversation at the table in front and i didn't want to creep them out by taking a picture with my cell-o-phone.

on sunday we drove to sherry's house, who i was excited to meet for the first time! those of you who read sherry's blog may have no idea how fantastic her house is. (we share a mutual love of anthropologie!) for dinner we went out for pizza with pete & lucy, brandon & kim and played apples to apples after. sherry was nice enough to let us stay the night and it was hard to leave the next morning. :(

anyway, enough blabbing... here's some pictures.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


...fierce hunter of ducks and pheasants.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

lauren's baby shower.

i hosted my first baby shower on saturday and i must say, it was pretty fun! lots of good food and good baby talk. :)

(i must point out christy's cloth diaper "cake" and maria's handmade oneies. too cute!)

Monday, February 2, 2009


layout. :D