Wednesday, February 10, 2010

we're getting excited!

as spring has started to shine around here, we've been thinking of our remaining weeks as a family of two. our (unofficial) count is at nine weeks to go.

this is my last week at work. (for the next foreseeable years) i'll finally be a stay at home mom and housewife. i'm constantly thinking of all the things i need to do or get for the nursery before audrey arrives, but i guess that's what baby showers are for :) i've picked out a bassinet already and am deciding which kitchen cupboard would be best suited for binkies, bottles and bibs.

i've already planned out this year's vegetable garden and it should be planted in the next few weeks. i'm keeping it small and simple this year with green beans, cucumber and last year's vivacious tomato plants. i've already bought an assortment of sunflower and daisy seeds to plant in the remaining beds to brighten them up and i'm also going to pot some mint in a container for iced tea. maybe within five years everything will finally be completed and i can sit and relax in my maturing dream garden. :)

michael has been so understanding these last few months. he doesn't mind getting water or apples (or less healthy things) for me from the kitchen while i'm all propped up on the couch. he doesn't say anything about the dishes piling up in the sink or that the floors really needed to be swept days ago or about the sweatpants i've been wearing all week. instead he gives me kisses on the forehead and calls me "little mama" and rubs my tummy. how lucky am i? i honestly couldn't imagine anyone i'd rather have in the delivery room with me.